Triangle games: Unfordable Love

February 28, 2010
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One day at school, Elizabeth
comes up to me. She says " Happy Birthday. Come over and spend the night." I say "okay".
She tells them its ago.

That very day I go to her house. She opens the door with a cake on top of her hands. We walk inside and I start to open my presents. I open the only one. It was a blindfold. The only thing she tells me is put it on.

She gets me into her car. As we are driving.... I keep asking her where are we going. Everytime she says nothing. Soon we reach the place where the triangle game is played.

She tells me to take a deep breath and than take off my blindfold. As I do, I see them. Dan, Jared and Chad.I ask her what is going on? She tells me you are going crazy over picking the right one. So now here is your chance. What am I suppose to do? Talk to them and tell them how you feel.

I look down at my feet. I take a deep breath. Than look up and turn my whole body around. This whole time I feel like I am going to cry. I tell myself I am not going to cry.

I start with chad.
Chad, you are funny but I don't know if you are ready for a relationship.
I go on and talk to Jared.
Jared, You have the personality like me but are we going to be able to get along?
Lastley Dan.
Dan, we have history. You promised me that you would not hurt me. Than you broke it.Will I ever be able to trust you again?

I feel like running. The next thing was for them to talk to me. Chad is first. Victoria, I am ready for a relationship but there is someone better for you. Next was dan. He tells me that all he ever want was for me to be happy. Lastley was Jared. He tells me he does not care, he likes me and he would never hurt me.

At that very moment I must pick one boy. I tumble to my knees and start to cry because I am terrifed. Than I feel something. The whisper tells me " take a deep breath and look around and what do you see" I whisper back. Only One person. You picked the boy.

I run off and go into a oak tree. I am shocked.
Than Elizabeth comes and finds me. Come tell them who you picked.

This is what the triangle game does to you. Makes you feel what is inside. I agree to tell them. I look around and see the three boys. As i look around and the triangle game started to give me unfordable love.

I say I am ready. I walk in between Jared and Chad. I tell dan that I do not wish to continue on.
Than I say that this was a tough desicion and whatever happens, I want you both to promise you will not hurt me. They both promise and I say turn around and you feel me, I pick you. I walk up to Jared and touch him and tell him that he is my choice.

He is so happy that he lifts me and than we drop to the ground. I tell chad that I was sorry and he told me that I made the right decision.

I find Elizabeth and tell her the great news. She was happy. And than i look for him and we have fun for the rest of the day. I was glad she pushed me to pick the right guy.

If I never picked one than I may have been in my bed crying, And yet I used to and not any more and I am happy for playing the triangle games.

I go to the very spot, where a year ago I played it. And started to pley the what if. But the what if game is negative and negativity would not work out.

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