Walking into the Moonlight

February 28, 2010
By awesomeSarahPoetPerson PLATINUM, Richmond, Other
awesomeSarahPoetPerson PLATINUM, Richmond, Other
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I walk into the moonlight
The frosted earth beneath my feet
Strolling down a nonexistent path into the silver light
The luminous glow in my eyes brighter then any star
I reach the end of the path
An ocean of unknown before me
The glistening blue water almost frightening
The cold air rippling off the waves
The lunar reflection radiant, celestial
I look into the azure waves
I see myself
Not the way I should be
But the way others made me

I slowly enter the sea
The cold freezing my bare feet
The crisp spray coming up with every step
I want to tear off this mask
That clings to my face
What I have become?
What happened to what I used to be?
The cheery girl who was on top of the world
What happened to me being happy?

I look up ahead
Tears sparkling in my eyes
Continuing upon my way to the lunar light
Sterling water wisps appear before me
A haze of pale lustre fogging my vision
The iridescent light blinding me
The salty waves start to pull me down
I do not struggle
I calmly fall
The marine life passing me
As Im steadily pulled farther
I hold my breath
Trying to keep my mind clear
And I wait

As I slowly fade out
I feel the waters grip falter
I escape, trying to breach the surface
The sharp chill of the water cutting my face as I go on
I do not panic
I do not let my strength waver
I push harder and harder

As I finally breathe in the glacial air
I see that the light is gone
Smothered by gloomy, black clouds
Im surrounded by darkness
The stars too distant, too dull
To guide me back to sanity
My own light has been washed out by the dusk
The twinkle in my eyes fading
I try to find my way back to the shore
But I am met by nothing
I float on aimlessly
Lost, absent, slowly drifting into

The author's comments:
When I wrote this I was thinking of how people change just to be accepted, which you shouldnt do, and how it affects their emotions.

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