February 28, 2010
Days fly by
Miles on end
Time and life blur together
Memories from the past fall into a void of darkness
Hope for the future
Fades into a distant fog
Music is tuned to a whisper
One shallow note of sadness
Anything to believe is gone
A monotone world of somberness

But wait
A flash of light
A shower of sparks
A glimmer of happiness
People crowd the stairwells, streets, and towns to look
A beaming ray of jubilance
Lights the way for people to see
Hope has prevailed once again
We are free

The chains of sadness
Melt to ash
The burdens of sorrow
Fall away to nothing
The shackles of horror and terror
Let go of their tightening grasp
The world is bathed in a layer of peace
So thick that even the slightest evil can get through
For now and forever
We are free

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