The Glich

February 28, 2010
Is standing out a good thing?
Sometimes I don't know.
Everyone can be judgemental
And want to tell you what side to show.

I know I'm different,
My choices clash with others
Making me stick out.
Looking like I don't belong.

It's the first thing others point out:
"Why haven't you conformed?"
"Why aren't you like us now,
But the way we were before?"
"We were different at your age
And tried to press the limits.
How could you not want the same thing?
Why are you so different?"

I have my reasons,
Yet I have my doubts.
It's hard to be different
And not always knowing what others talk about.

They're the voice in my head
Telling me to put everything aside.
To become "Normal";
Just like them.
With nothing, no side to hide.
But there's monsters in my past
Keeping my on my own road
Telling my that being different can be good,
But does this voice really know?

What is it to be different?
It is a monster or a gift?
How can I find a place in this work
When others say I have a glich?

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