Western Occult

February 28, 2010
“Gather around, children,” chanted she.
“Gather around, come and see
“The monsters and men and ravens’ decree
“Come see, come see, come see!”

“But why,” asked she
“Why must I see?
“I am but a youth of the smallest degree,
“And I do not want to come see.”

“You must,” said she
“For you must come see,
“And learn here all that I have seen,
“Come learn, come learn, come see!”

Said she, “But the burn,”
“I’ve no desire to learn,
“How dare you take that which I truly yearn,
“I’ll not see, I’ll not see, I’ll burn.”

Her fire she set,
From her father she took it
And the village took a good look and did cry:
“Come see, come see, come see!”

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