Life as me :)

March 5, 2010
By , Sligo, Ireland
Life as me...

I wake up every morning wishing I had some kind of clone to do my daily routines.
It's tiring being a sister/maid/teacher and I'm only 14. Well, my day pretty
much starts like this; I wake up at 5am, go on the internet, check my emails,
facebook, blah blah blah, while I'm doing that I watch my recorded Ghost
Whisperer and I'm totally fascinated by how Jennifer Love Hewitt has shrunk.

At around 8am i get my 1year old brother's breakfast ready and I clean up his poopy
nappy, when I'm done with that I make myself breakfast and put on Sky News. Its
9am and I start school with my 2nd youngest brother at 9.30am, time to shower and
get dressed. At exactly 9.27am I am done and ready to be a teacher and student.

I never really feel like teaching my brother schoolwork, but I know that it wouldn't
be fair if I didn't do this for him, to make him feel like any normal 11 year old.
So the day goes by pretty slowly and I'm bored out of my mind! 1pm comes and I run
down stairs to make lunch for myself. While my toast is toasting (how toasty!), I dry
up the dishes on the sink and put them away.

When lunch is done it's time to wash the dishes and stack them on the sink. Erik*
(my 2nd youngest brother) wants to do P.E. (Physical Education) and as usual I have
no intention of making myself smell like a pig at his expense, ugh! But I do it
anyway. We run, skip, do star-jumps, push-ups, sit-ups the works! He's a frikken
gym all on his own, he makes me so tired!

'Gym' is over with and it's time for my schoolwork to begin. It's about 3pm and I scoot
upstairs to start my work. I basically only do Maths and German, plus free speech (which
is my word for writing). I've had to work on the one laptop that's totally screwed! We have
2 laptops, the one never worked until I fixed it, then the other one didn't want to go on the internet
so they gave it too me. Anyway, maths is pretty easy to understand and so is the German. There's never
a challenge for me in anything anymore. Being 'self-schooled' is extremely boring. Nothing is ever
hard enough for me to stress over for more than a minute! But I must just suck it in.

When I'm done with all my 'duties' I read. I currently have Terri Irwins's autobiography about
her life with her husband (Steve Irwin) who sadly died, and I have a fiction book called,
'Close-Up'. Reading is what I do for fun, apart from watching cows, from my bedroom window, grazing,
sleeping and being cows...Moo! My life is an awesome adventure! So exciting!... :| It's not that bad
being me, you get used to the abnormal living sooner or never. :) I wouldn't trade my life or family
for anything in the world! We stick together even through the tough times, things will get better again,
but until then I will just have to put on a smile and take each day as it comes. :)

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