"It's Going To Be Okay"

February 26, 2010
By , Weslaco, TX
She sat on the bleachers and stared out into the world. Four months ago, everything was fine. This coming summer she was suppose to be heading to North Carolina on a soccer scholarship, major in journalism, and write for Sports Illustrated, but all that changed on Valentine’s Day.

Four months ago was January 13th, it was the day she received word that some colleges would be coming to scout her. It was a joyful secret that no one-not even her family-excepted her boyfriend Edward, the quarterback of the football team. Yes, it was so cliché, but she had to admit they couldn’t avoid the attraction. She dashed through the many students scanning the area for him, and then, she saw him. He wore a green shirt underneath his black hoodie, his jeans were a Pacific blue, his shoes were white with black and purple designs on the outside, his hair out of place, and his brown eyes hidden behind his black rimmed glasses. Yes, he wasn’t the popular kind of “quarterback” but there was more to him than just football.

“Edward, guess what?”

“Let me guess, sweetheart. You got them to come see you play.”

“Yes, love.”

He lifted her into his arms and hugged her so tight. There was no distance between them that he smelled her strawberry perfume. He planted a big kiss on her lips but parted quickly with the sight of the Principal.

“Good Luck tonight, Raegan,” the Principal complimented, “Edward hoodie down.”

With the Principal out of sight, Edward placed the hoodie back on his head and gave her one last hug for the good news.

The days dragged on with every soccer game ending victorious. Her school work maintained its good standard. It wasn’t long before February 14th came around. That night was the biggest game of the week that everyone had to attend. This soccer game would determine who would be crowned District Champions. Not only was this the biggest game, but the night scouts promised to come watch her.

After school, every soccer player stayed in the locker room to discuss their strategy on how to score and defend. Rita and Raegan talked about the strongest girls and their skills. Deidra and Kathy stated what they needed to do as midfielders. Cleo and Carmen drew runs they could make. Quickly, the girls were on the bus, putting on their gear, and taking the field.

The whistle blew with no holding back. The defense held their end of the bargain with not allowing any shots, and the offense used skills to score six goals in the end. After the “good games”, Raegan was approached by a man in a “Tar heel” shirt.

“Hi Raegan. My name is Dave Smith. I’m with the University of North Carolina. I wanted to discuss with you a full ride scholarship with us.”

“Yes, I would love that.”

“Okay here’s my number, so we can get together to talk more and get you up there.”

“Thank You.”

She walked away with the white card in hand. Her mother waited by the fence with a grin on her face. She sprinted into her mother’s arms and hugged her so tight. Her mother released her in time to have energy to tell her the good news. She looked up in the stands to see Edward looking down at her.

“Mom, uh… Edward and I are going to go celebrate tonight. Is that okay?”

“Yes, Raegan that’s fine, but be home by two.”

“Okay, mom. Thanks.”

She gave her one last hug and walked over to Edward.

“Listen, I got us a room at the Super 8 Motel.”

“Edward, I’m not ready.”

“I know, but if we have to we can just talk.”


He picked her up from school and drove a couple of blocks down. They pulled into the drive and quickly race to the door. Before they bought a box of pizza and sodas for their celebration.

After devouring their dinner, they lay in bed side by side with silence in the air. He slowly turned and wrapped his arms around her. He planted kiss on her forehead and began his exploration. Within hours, the innocence was lost. She wrapped herself in the white sheets and stared at the ceiling. Things would be okay she repeated in her head. She turned to face the clock. It read 1:30 a.m. Swiftly she gathered her clothes, got dressed, and exited the room silently.

After the intercourse, Edward and Raegan were hardly seen together. Less than two months later, she noticed that she skipped two menstrual cycles. Her “sickness” caused her to miss practices and games. She didn’t want to but would have to talk to her mom.

She had lunch with her mother the next day discussing the situation. They agreed to make a doctor’s visit.

The following day, the doctor’s office is where she was. They were called in and took necessary test, they waited a couple of hours before the doctor came in.

“Mrs. Villa and Raegan, the test show positive. Raegan the sperm took awhile but you are now three weeks pregnant.”

“Thank You, Doctor. Mom what do you say?”

“Okay. Well, Raegan college is now on hold. You’re having this baby and taking care of it.”

“Yes, mom. I will. I need to tell Edward.”

“Raegan, the baby is health so just maintain your regular diet and see me in a month.

She nodded in agreement and walked off to call Edward with the news. It was good and bad for her, but she needed to hear what Edward had to say.


“Hey Edward its Raegan.”

“Oh, what’s up?”

“They just gave us the news.”


“I’m pregnant.”

“Okay… what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to have it.”

“Uh… that’s good. I’m going to be there, so don’t worry. I promise not to abandon you.”

“Thanks, well talk to you later.”

Edward was doing track, but was present for every doctor check-up. He vowed to stay by her side and was a man of his word. His weekends were spent with her doing everything to keep her happy about the situation.

She tried being satisfied, but found it hard. She called Dave Smith and confessed her pregnancy. She heard it in his voice that he was upset, but he eased the pain.

She spent the day to herself and walked around until she came across the stadium and slowly entered the area.

She sat on the bench and stared out into the world. Four months ago everything was fine. This coming summer she was suppose to be heading to North Carolina on a soccer scholarship, major in journalism, and write for Sports Illustrated, but all that changed on Valentine’s Day. She looked down at her stomach and saw the bump form and smiled. This was her new life and no one would take her future from her.

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