Missuing Love

March 2, 2010
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Why is it that love cant stand us why does it hit us and beat us what did we do to deserve this our hearts bruised and batterd and torn into pices what is the purpose of a heart if it just ends up being broken what is the purpose of love if it just ends up ruining us and our sould why is love complicated you care for someone one minute and you cant stand them the next love to me is not an emotion it is an ability an ability that people take for granted and use it in the wrong way youg boys use it to get young girls to have sex parents get thier kids to pick sides but really the true victim is yourself your soul is tearing into several pices because missuing this ability is like killing someone its wrong and you are put in jail in your own mind so stop hurting yourslef and your loved ones use your ability right or dont use it at all.

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