I Remember.

March 2, 2010
By aanni SILVER, White Oak, Texas
aanni SILVER, White Oak, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
If you see someone without a smile, give them yours.

remember that time?
you know, in the cafeteria?
when all our friends sat at the table near the window?
when the sun kept shining in my eyes?
[it blinded me]
remember when everyone was laughing?
you know, when that guy said something funny?
when the jerks at the other table through a carrot at us?
when our friend made it funny instead of being insulted?
[i laughed til i cried]
remember when you picked up the plastic spoon?
you know, and started running it across your wrist?
when you pretended to wound yourself?
when everyone was laughing because it was funny?
[even me]
remember when you didn't come back the day after?
you know, the day after you cut your wrist with a plastic spoon?
the day after you went home and couldn't find a plastic spoon?
the day after you resigned to the knife in the kitchen drawer?
[i remember]

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