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All They Ever Do

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All they ever is do is ask why?
Is knowing why really going to help you?
All they ever do is ask me to try.
Don’t they know that I already do?
I sit there and look at them wondering why they can’t see it.
Is it really so hard to just once look at it through my perspective and just visit,
Visit the inner workings of my mind and see how it works.
Visit what it’s like for a girl who knows for a fact what she wants,
But has too many voices all telling her which road to take it just makes it harder.
It’s hard enough, why can’t they see that?
Because they’re too busy telling her what to do,
They don’t even bother to see her point of view.
If someone would just take the time.
To hear a word, a phrase, even a rhyme of what she is thinking or has to say.
Then maybe they’d know all the words she’s able to recite.
If only they gave her the time tell them.
All they ever do is ask why?
Is knowing why really going to help you?

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