Our Tiny Kingdom

March 2, 2010
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In our tiny Kingdom,

On our tiny island,

Behind our tiny walls,

Our tiny king sits for all.

Though he is quiet big,

For this tiny place,

His heart still seems,

To be the smallest thing.

Nothing you could ever do,

Would make his tiny heart beat.

Nothing you could ever do,

Would bring a smile to his grouchy face.

I believe that he,

like many in his palace,

have lost their smiling faces.

In our tiny kingdom,

On our tiny shores,

Stands a grave forever more.

The tiny king,

With his grumpy face,

Died this evening,

Alone in his big place.

None of his servants,

knights, or


stood by his side,

in his final days.

Everyone in the tiny kingdom,

Celebrated that day.

And our tiny kingdom

Grew big since that day.

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