How long have you been gone?

February 26, 2010
By , North Haledon, NJ
She showed you to me
She held you in her arms
I looked into your black eyes
I said, "Everything will be okay."
I knew it wouldn't
The cool summer breeze
Washed across my face
I thought about what would happen
It wouldn't be what I wanted
My heart would be torn in two
Yours would no longer beat

I remembered you before this
You ran around without a care
So happy with the world
You would jump and be merry
I remembered your stubborn ways
Never returning what you borrowed
Keeping everything for yourself
I loved it all
Never wanting anything more

You were there before me
You were there when I first walked in
I saw your black eyes and giggled
I loved them deeply
Never a one like you
Never trading you for anything
Loving you for who you are

It seemed the next day
You couldn't walk
Your tail got bigger
And the life was drained out of you
I wondered why
I cried
They said you would be gone
I asked how long
They said forever
I cried again

Then we come to that day
Where you left for that forever
I saw you ten minutes before
You finally left
The car drived away
She came back
You weren't there
I cried
You were the best friend I had
Always listened without the questions
I love you
As long as you are gone

Still people do ask
How long have he been gone?
I say, I wish he wasn't
I still want you back
You were suffering
But you will always be missed
Better places is where you arm
Should we smile for that?

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