This Bad Boy

February 26, 2010
By , Waldorf, MD
B-A-D B-O-Y, that's what everyone said he was
And that's what he claimed to be
But it was alright with me
He was just so…H-O-T
His smile, his B-O-D-Y
Not to mention the car he would drive to school each day
I could tell he had money
Because you're not gonna have a car like that working at Burger King, if you know what I mean
He asked if he could pick me up on Saturday, so we could chill
I was like sure, just pick me up in that fancy automobile and you can take me where ever you like
He picked me up around 8, we had some fun
He called me on Sunday, before we went back to school
Saw him on Monday, everything was cool
We hung out again on Tuesday
Wednesday we had sex, after that all I got was a text
Didn't talk to him on Thursday
Didn't see him again on Friday
On Saturday, I found out he had H-I-V
Sunday was his funeral
I didn't go
I guess that's what happens when you pay attention to the car and don't listen to a thing they say
Bad Boy dead
Young Girl wasting away

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