the creation

February 26, 2010
By , Bentley, KS
the scars and the bruises
the calisus and the cuts
they show you my life
when i'm upset
i get cuts and scars
when i get hurt i get calisus
when you get mad
i get bruises
this is the way i train my body
you hit me and i bleed
you yell at me and cuts appear
you hurt me and i get calisus
one of these nights
i wont cry
and i wont hit you back
and i wont train my body
one of these dayd i'll just leave
i dont know when
i wish it was now
the bruises are fading
my cuts are healing
my calisus are wearing off
and the scars are disappearing
now i'm stronger
i'm not putting up with this anymore
you can train your body now
train it to get use to what you created
now look at your scars and cuts
look at your calisus and bruises
and tell me it was worth it

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