Where R They

February 26, 2010
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Where exactly are my proud black people
The ones who were first to go to the church steeple.
The ones who marched when our system was unjust
Who turned we cannot read into a we definitely must.
What happened to the ones that made life worth living
The ones who instilled the continuous spirit of giving.
The ones who lifted us high when we were on the ground
The motivational speakers who turned lives around.
Where art the ones who had the biggest dreams
That taught to look past the obvious to what something really means.
Point out in the crowd future lawyers, doctors and leaders
Where are my managers, entrepreneurs, and my teachers.
Where are my respectable people in business clothes
Their out there dancing and fighting like some you knows.
What, What happened to my black people who took a stand
Who wanted equality fro every child, woman, and man.
Where are the ones who uplifted our nation
Took us away from poverty, hunger, and self-degradation.
The ones who became leaders and moved us up high
The same ones who were so bold they lit up the night’s sky.
Where art my people who taught young girls their true value
Gave them a dream, love, and a father and what have you.
The ones who never disrespected another man’s child
Not these now who are children acting buckwild.
Tell me where they are because we need them today
We need them to erase these clouds of thousand types of gray.
We need them, we need them in this world maybes
Where young children are out making babies.
Where young men become baby daddies instead of fathers
Where music videos are raising our sons and daughters.
Where you walk down the streets there is nothing but shame
Too many of our own people causing each other pain.
Causing our own put-downs instead of uplifting
Not holding nothing down, just constantly shifting.
I need, NO, WE NEED, our proud black people back
To many fools who want to do nothing but slack.
That is all they ever do, to change this we need you
To give us a new outlook and a future brand new.
Stand up, stand tall because we need you today
Until you come I’ll wonder where are they.

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