Seen and unseen battles

February 26, 2010
By shmedly GOLD, Loveland, Ohio
shmedly GOLD, Loveland, Ohio
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Unseen battles raging on
Unseen battles night to dawn
Tsunamis flood the ground
Tornados flatten towns and Blizzards freeze around

Other battles overlooked rage on all around
Warriors beyond our gaze fight without a sound
Ants build castles out of sand
Termites break down wood
Trees crack in the wind and worms eat through the earth
Moles dig through the ground
Lice gnaw on the scalp
Mosquitoes spread disease and spiders leave cobwebs
Humans think themselves so huge – think they cannot die but in the end they will fall
just like the trees

Constantly our world battles fighting wars we do not see give them voice and they will shout give them eyes and they will see give them tools and they will build give them means and they will destroy give them life and they will live give them death and they will kill always fighting unseen battles
Cold gray clouds choke out the sun
Earthquakes split the ground
Hurricanes destroy the beach and Fire burns things down
Lightning cracks the tree

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