Rising Up

February 26, 2010
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There was a time when the sun’s beams danced down onto your skin’s dew and reflected themselves into the sky
A whirlwind of beauty unleashed into the wild -untamed, frightening
Swift and sweet
It was infinite.
When the deep dark gold of the luminous heavenly body faded, you faded with it….
Held it in your hand, observed it
Flipped it over and over and observed it some more
It was real, it was present, but it was thrown aside and left homeless in the blackness.

In darkness dwelt your passion
Your ruined feathers twisted into abstract prison gates
Had taken hold of your shoulders and pushed you into depths your lungs could not bare
Deeper, deeper, and deeper more
Suffocated your mind into a dreamily dream
Repainted sand and sun into falling stars and eagles.

Time and time again your sprinkled fingers reached forward
Time and time again the voices went missing
A mother’s touch, a father’s hand, a stroke of love and lovers
Lost and broken mid-connection between you and them
A time of hurt

Take the light of the stars abandoned in the darkest of nights
The stinging tears
The crippled stance of a women once so strong...
Stand her back up
Return her to her flame
Pick the ashes of youth and nightmares and sprinkle them into the air so they are nothing more but a cool breath on another winter morning.

Let the sweetness touch your lips, nourish you
Send nectar thoughts and snow spring dances to leap into your bloodstream and flood your mind
Take a drink, you are thirsty and it is delicious.

The curling winds will brush your hair back and forth and around your face
With them, the spinning beginnings of new life will decorate your eye,
Sweat from your pores, and brighten each and every last freckle
Slowly and hesitantly but slowly and most definitely you will kneel,
Crawl forward, and pull your limbs to a standing, shaking position…Slowly.

You will look up and pick up each hate driven, course splinter from your rough knees
Spit blood-drenched fear from the corners of your mouth and extend your arms upward to touch the nothing that you know is freedom.
There it will be, now and forever, the sun, an old but familiar friend, to radiate the last tear you’ll ever shed.

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ShernayB. This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Apr. 1, 2010 at 11:55 am

I really like your choice of words for this piece>>and how everything flows together.

Keep writing...>>And please if you have time, check out my work. Ratings and comments are greatly appreciated.

                ----Shernay B.

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