Tainted glass

February 25, 2010
By Anonymous

faint images surround this now empty room
such bare walls and lost memories..
if I listen I can still hear you, I can still feel you breathing...laughin
I can still see you hurting
your image still lives in me.... it still tears me apart...

every corner, every inch, and every sound shatters my heart,
like a puppet on strings
you keep pulling, dropping and throwing me to my knees
your presscence still lingers haunting my concience...
and little by little you destroy the LAST bits of
left inside of me

its obvious when my image is mirrored i have slowly dissapeared,
you see... the girl that once existed is no longer here...

yet LOOK close enough

past the hell bent halo, n past the dreary mask
you will see, she still shows in me,
through every smile, laugh, through every tear
everyblade that dances along the skin.... blood pours....

and R U N S fr eee ly
seeps through the stitches and contaminates whats left of my
innocence, breaking all of the rules

I let love destroy me...

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem a few years ago when I had broken away from my first real relationship...remembering how pure I was and how amazing the relationship was for me...because i saw wth lean eyes.. its about how it changed me... and how it left me feeling

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