Broken Butterfly

February 25, 2010
By , Streamwood, IL
Two little children ran through the trees
Giggling and smiling away
The little girl jumped onto the boy
And they both tumbled and swayed
"I love you Dan," she said to him,
"We'll always be the bestest of friends."
"Of course!" he grinned, "No matter what,
We'll stay together till the end!"
They then ran to their favorite tree
Climbing as high as they could go
And watched the birds fly through the sky
And the clouds float up above
Now they're older, and their favorite tree
Is still where it was so long ago
They're with each other every second
And many believe they're in love

A light spring breeze dances through the air
And the sky is painted a bright red
The sun slowly dies beneath the hill
As the moon slowly begins to wake
Clouds transform to shining stars
And all the animals drift to sleep
Watching mother nature as she goes
Is the couple of two, so sweet
They're sitting under their favorite tree
The quiet was so peaceful and complete
"This is beautiful," she whispers to him
Her head laying upon his chest
His arm is wrapped around her waist
as he lovingly whispers back,
"Yet you're the only beautiful thing
That my eyes can perceive
Everything else compared to you
Is just plain old ugly."
Cameron smiled and lifted her head
To give him a peck on the cheek
"I love you Dan, and no one else
You’re the only one who knows the real me."

"I love you too," he says back,
Moving the hair from her face
"I promise we'll be together forever
Just like I did back then."
"Of course," she whispers
Hugging him tightly
But something suddenly struck her mind
She scrambled up and grabbed her things
Quickly passing him by
"Cam!" Dan called, "Where are you going?"
"I'm sorry but I have to leave .
I forgot there's something going on today
And if I don't get home
My dad's going to kill me."
She sprinted her way through the night
With Dan trying to follow right behind
"Cam!" he screamed
But it was too late
And a car drove right by

There was a shriek
And the piercing sound of breaks
Dan thought that it was the end
Cameron was laying on the street
A pool of blood beneath her head
She whispered his name
And he knelt down
Shaking in fear of possible defeat
Tears were streaming down her face
And she was breathing very faintly

He gripped her hand tightly in his
Kissing the tears from her face
Whispering words of comfort to her
Praying that she may be okay
Sirens grew from beyond the distance
As an ambulance was coming by
To try and save a precious life
Before her spirit when up to the sky

Back in the hospital
The doctors did find
That all her ribs were split
There was much internal bleeding
And she had a concussion in her head
She didn't have that long to live
For there was nothing that they could do
So Dan sat beside her bed
Stubbornly refusing to move

Cameron looked at him
With love in her eyes
A faint smile shown on her face
She lifted a hand
To cup his cheek
Weakly pulling him in
Her lips brushed lightly on his
Breathing almost inaudible words so sweet

"I love you Dan,
Your everything to me,
But now's my time to leave.
I want you to know
That you'll always be
My butterfly of hope and tranquility
I'll never leave from your side
Although you might not be able to see
But I'm going to watch you from above
Just you wait and see."

Cameron then placed another kiss on his lips
As her eyes began to close
Her hand slid down from his face
And her body grew limp and cold
Time went by quickly then
For Dan so lost and distraught.
Her funeral came
But he couldn't bring himself
To say a few words
Or even show up

Instead he went to their special tree
During a sunset so crimson red
He stared at it for a very long time
For it reminded him of blood but also the past
Now the moon shone in the sky
As Dan stood beneath the tree
He pulled out a blade
And stuck out his arm
Tattooing the name 'Cameron' very crudely
He then put out his other arm
Switching the knife to his left
He pierced the tip into his wrist
Not even regretting this
Dan then pulled the razor up his arm
Going all the way up his vein
Letting the blood flow down his limb
Onto the grass so green

Slowly the red liquor of life
Poured out from his body
Letting the pain take control
Of his every feeling and sense
Wondering if this was how Cameron felt
And if she was stuck in this trance
'Now we'll be together till the end,'
Dan gradually thought,
He was laying in a pool of blood
Looking as if he was shot,
'I loved you so very dearly
And very much still do
I couldn't bare to live with you gone
For I am nothing without you'

The moon's light
Shone so bright
Over the scene played under that tree
A beautiful butterfly
Flew through the night
And rested on the boy's knee
Dan saw this
And a single tear
Dripped down his paling face
He smiled and looked up into the sky
Before he entered his eternal rest

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