bloody reality

February 25, 2010
By Anonymous

i cut the flesh
i feel free
beads of blood begin to show through
i left the world
now in a white room...
my head is clear...
hopes and dreams have faded into the far far distance
few moments later
reality comes back
i'm done
i feel the cool water now
i cut deeper this time
i feel the adrenaline again
won't be long now
redness is overflowing with pain
goodbye to reality
but i still walk...
where am i?
i dont know
but now i'm known as the girl with the story of her life on her pathetic flesh
i'm finally free

The author's comments:
the way this dark piece inspired me is because of past suicidal thoughts of my self esteem...but i am no where near that now...but maybe others will see how crucial and devastating this can be

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