Like is not, but a test....

February 25, 2010
By ChaoticDamned GOLD, Provo, Utah
ChaoticDamned GOLD, Provo, Utah
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Life is not, but a test,
That we could not study for so thing are unknown to us, like hate and love.
Love is just an allusion made for those that are weak and need comfort,
Comfort is that, which your loved ones give to calm you,
Yet they are the ones that anchor you so you no longer have your own freedom.
Freedom is only something that is false for still in freedom your choices are limited.
For you might have say in some things, but the only true thing you will have say in is life or suicide.
Suicide is just a fast exit for those that are too weak to finish,
Finish that of the ever going battle between light and dark life
Life is not, but a test.

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