I hAtE wHaT i LoVe

February 25, 2010
My heart is broken my soul is like lead.
I gave you part of me and look what happened…I’m dead.
You ripped me from the inside out then you left me to bleed.
You did nothing but laugh at me and my pain.
I hate you now like I’ve never hated before.
I hate your smile, your laugh, and every part of you to the core.
And even now when I see you, you do not even see that I’m here.
Even now I hate you and I only think it fair…
To make you suffer like I did,
To torture you until you die.
But as you walk by I hesitate
And that’s all it takes as you walk away.
Even though I hate you so much.
I could never hurt myself by hurting the one I love
I will always love you.....no matter what.

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