much more than i expected

February 25, 2010
i'm not afraid to step in the dark
cause i know that you wont let me fall
however, i find it sad that i base things on
the felings that you give me
instead of the promises that you make
i try to reject the feelings of panic
when things get out of control
but i keep in mind
that i'm your priceless treasure
even when i feel completely worthless
things are uncertain, uncharted, and unknown
but the course of the world only leads to the future
by then, i hope that this meaningless pattern will change
but i understand that its all in good time
once, i thought it was raining golden grain
in the bleak, barren, endless fields
but it was only water
from my tears where i walk alone
i want to claim your strength
to accept and endure
weariness, pain, and decline
and with your love...
i dont have to rely on the ability to wonder
on smashed hopes, reversal, or tragedy
with you, i can stand on the fact that i am designed flawlessly
and know that everything about me
is not one big mistake
i have confidence that you'll find someone
to make you feel this way
my objective here
is for you to put yourself first
i refuse to worry untill you give me a clue
that you are done hurting yourself...

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