What do you Deserve?

February 25, 2010
By Anonymous

Here comes the words I never heard
You always seemed so innocent
What should be an insult
Drips off the tips of your lips
My feeble mind still wondering
What does the phrase mean
You said it so lovely
But my past personality
Would not approve of the sound
Your careful words
Making me ask questions
They would never expect me
To act as now I am
What did you do to me
What am I
Am I a monster
Am I a beautiful princess
You've made me something I'm not
I don't know what to day
Are you a hero
Did you do a good deed
Or was it a horrible crime
Now I question
Has your motive been your reason
To stay with my well being
Did you really want my heart
Either way-
It's arealdy yours
You don't have to prove anything
Even if this is your motive
You don't deserve me
But you have me anyway

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