February 27, 2010
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Have you ever felt like you were made for someone elce,
or that part of you is asleep in a cage and you don't have the key to unlock it,
or have you ever felt like you're letting something go,
something important,
and you're running out of time
like you broke an hourglass
and the sand is running through your fingers
and you want to put it back together
but the glass is broken
and the grains are lost in the carpet.
Have you ever wanted someone so bad
but you know you're not worth it
so all you want to do is see them one more time
and tell them,
"You! You are beautiful,
so beautiful that I don't think the world diserves you
so beautiful that all I want to do is hold you
and protect you
and fight armies for you
and cross falming oceans for you
so beautiful that I only want you."
Have you ever felt like you're letting yourself die
like you're giving yourself up for nothing
like you're wearing a mask
and all you want to do is rip it off
and be you
but you don't
and you tell yourself you will
and you're so afraid
so deathly afraid
that eventually will never come
so you feel like you're letting yourself die.

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