Tears of the Brave

February 25, 2010
By Anonymous

A soldier weeps for a fallen comrade.
He did everything he could to save the lad,
But war is terrible and war has a price
And the boy paid dearly because glory was his vice.
Never did his darkest fears
Think his goodbye would be just one soldier’s tears.
Tears of the brave…
A mother has to lay her child in the ground.
Her soul cries for the spirit that is no longer earth-bound.
It’s not easy, and it’s most certainly not right,
But she must soldier on, alone with her plight.
Never did her child
Think her time would end so soon in such an exile.
Tears of the brave…
A brother throws himself in front of his sister,
Protecting her from almost certain disaster,
As a car barreled into the side.
She was unscathed, but his blood spread in a pool that was wide.
Never did her belief in fate
Make her cry in such pain like she did when she found help came too late.

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