February 25, 2010
By Anonymous

What is the point of “Blending In” is it to gain popularity or to be part of something. I never got the point of it. Everybody was wearing the same shoes or shirts for what? To look cool! To look cool! Who cares if you look cool it is all about expressing yourself in the way you dress. Yeah you may be popular but what is the point. Nobody looks up to you, maybe one or two people like the way you dress or even your friends but if they found out how most people became popular they would drop your sorry act like a hot potato. They would be disgusted just to think they were fantasizing about being you. All the money spent on fancy cloths and all the backstabbing all the lies and all the broken friendships that you left behind for popularity. Your old Preschool buddies now your worst nightmare.
The life you live right now if you became popular is a BIG FAT LIE!!! The point in which you find out that you have committed these horrible deeds is when you don’t care anymore cause your use to shoving and pushing your way through the people that are “What you think” are less important then yourself. But then you think you can turn it all around, you try being friends with old buddies but they give you a look that you know all to well yourself. The face they gave you is the face you gave them the day you decided to become PREP, A.K.A a JERK. I call you a jerk because I have been related to Preps and they treated me like I was the belly of a snake because I didn’t dress like them or I didn’t talk like them or I didn’t own a nice phone like them. I finally broke the harassing and the name calling I finally broke habit of ignoring it but I couldn’t no longer cause of my basic instinct to react to my surroundings and I didn’t I gave my cousin the talk of his life and promised to kick sorry preppy #*#.
But I hope when you reach that point of your life that you think your center or near center that you feel emptiness in yourself like something is missing and if you find out I will tell you then and it might hurt to say this too many kids but what you’re missing is True Friendship. And when you find true friendship without popularity my friend that is when you are truly happy and you might think your happy when your were one of the popular ones but you know as well as I do that you really weren’t there was something missing and you will never will.

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