February 25, 2010
Where are you?
I'm wastin my time.
I had no clue.

I don't know
where you're at.
I wish you'd show.

It's the playground
where we played
when we would go around town.

I stare at the slide,
So sturdy and tall.
That's where we'd hide.

I asked you
to meet me here.
I guess you'd prefer to be abused.

We're older now,
and a long time gone.
Can you tell how??

We're twenty-three,
and a little wild.
Can't you atleast see me?

I want to talk
about what to do
with the chalk.

The art is sacred.
Ones we used to share...
Those we even painted.

I'm moving away,
and you want some.
I just don't know what to say.

You finally show,
and it's been years.
I don't recognize the one I know.

I thought you had a life,
but through the years,
it has turned into strife.

Dion't get mo wrong,
I love you,
and that's always been my song!

After hours of making decisions,
we've solved our problems,
And we have visions.

I'm staying in town,
and you're moving in.
I'm glad we work it out!!

I still loved you.
I'm glad I said it again.
Now we can stop being blue.

It's about time
you told me the truth.
We can both be bright.

You're at home packing your stuff.
I'm at The Tuxedo Shop
trying to buy you some cuffs.

Since we're still in love,
We never fought when we were together,

We've decided to get married with doves.

It's not my dream wedding,
but it's better than nothing.
We're even getting a Gilding.

In about an hour,
I'll be crying,
and it will be a slaty shower.

It may have took some time,
But waiting was worth the reward.
Maybe now our faces will shine.

Although it doesn't seem likely,
We're cared about a good bit.
More than 'just slightly.'

The good thing about one space
we both absolutely love
That playground ceremony place!!!!

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PoetLaureate07 said...
Mar. 10, 2010 at 8:50 am
It's suppones to be "a salty shower" at the end, and "I still love you" instead of "I still loved you."
Thanks... I just had to make some adjustments..
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