February 25, 2010
By Anonymous

Running, jumping, vaulting, climbing
Muscles cramping, forehead dripping
Tired, sweaty, thirsty, but
Still ready for more,
Still have more energy in that core

I am free, I have no worries
Wind blowing in my face
Sun beating down on my skin
Don't look down because you don't want to land there. Always look up, it's where you should go.

No time to think of the jump
Keep moving, running
Heart beating, pounding its way out
I just realized I jumped off of a one story building and ran it off as though nothing happened.

Precision is key

The author's comments:
Parkour is the art of movement. It is a physical activity where nothing is needed except for your willingness to try. All I plan to achieve by writing this is to get the idea of Parkour out to people so hopefully we will have a healthier society. Something like that :)

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