Never Again

February 25, 2010
By squeakersx66 SILVER, Belmont, Massachusetts
squeakersx66 SILVER, Belmont, Massachusetts
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"Although you may not always be able to see them, the stars are always going to be there; day or night, rain or shine. And just like them, I will always be there for you." -Me

I may never talk to you again,
And I may regret what I am saying right now,
But this relationship is killing me; we’re fighting like we’re ten.
&I don’t want know how…
How this may end up if we keep on going,
You’ve used all your words to tear me apart,
This is just too much to keep undergoing,
Everything you do I take to heart,
Making promises you never keep,
Would you understand if I did the same?
No, you would just blame me and make me weep.
I would be the one to take the blame.
It’s not my fault.
So why do I fall for all your tricks?
It’s time to bring this to a halt.
I will never talk to you again; this is something we can’t fix.

The author's comments:
i wrote this thinking about my past; whether it was a friendship or a relationship...I have lost so many people for the silliest reasons and I have gotten through the hardest part of all of them, but I think about them from time to time and realize how dumb people can truly be. It's truly the little things in life that mean the most, because isn't that what we fight over most? I love all of my friends I have and all of the ones I have lost. And I wish them all the best in everything they do. <3

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