'Til the End of Time.

February 24, 2010
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You were my hero.
You were my prince.
I gave you my heart.
Haven’t loved anyone since.

I believed in your love.
I believed in your kiss.
You used to be sweet.
He’s the one that I miss.

I’m sick of the hurt.
I’m sick of the lies.
Now take off your mask.
I see through your disguise.

A summer of promise.
A summer of trust.
Turns out all you had,
Was a pocketful of lust.

My heart used to smile.
My heart used to care.
But now it’s on empty,
And beginning to tear.

Together, but separate.
Together, but apart.
Loved in spirit,
But never in heart.

Through happy and sad.
Through thick and through thin.
We were in it together,
You weren’t supposed to win.

So you captured my thoughts.
You captured my hope.
You took it all in,
And you let it all go.

I gave you a little,
I gave you a lot.
It mattered to me,
But to you it did not.

You were my hero.
You were my prince.
I gave you my heart.
Haven’t loved anyone since.

Blame it on you,
Blame it on me.
We shared something special,
Remembered for eternity.

But it’s time start over.
It’s time to restore.
Safer with me,
And no longer yours.

Moving on, we can‘t erase.
Moving on, we can’t undo.
Mistakes were made, people change.
Someone always holds the key: you.

Always good.
Always rough.
I’ll love you forever.
I wish it was enough.

Through the pain,
Through the tears.
I learned of a love,
That can last through the years.

The meaning of love,
The meaning of life.
Is truly revealed,
In the presence of strife.

I’ll grow up and settle for less.
You’ll grow up and settle for low.
Together or apart, you are the one,
Who’s love is the greatest that I’ll ever know.

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Egyptiangirl13 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
May 20, 2010 at 6:46 pm
 wow this is amazing-you are going to be somebody!!!
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