Lets End This Conversation

February 24, 2010
By KerklinPantsKC BRONZE, Sharpsburg, Maryland
KerklinPantsKC BRONZE, Sharpsburg, Maryland
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"Called or uncalled, I am always at your service." - Andrew Martin (Robin Williams)

I will debunk my life
Fall to the whims of the water
Withered by the winds of plague
Let all the deleterious elements of nature and man select the noose. Select the tree, bound to be hung. My predisposition is disingenuous. Unclear, yet disparate. Unique in it's own way.

Fabricate this suit of armor I built with my plastic arms.
Fabricate this lie, destroy this soul before it destroys its body.
Nature and mind scream at me self preservation, but the body ever so recalcitrant must inevitably die.
The Chains of devastation await me. The Spurious execution of such a task is less than easy, but very capricious.

What a wry way of leaving, oh the irony, lampooned in purgatory.
But it will all be a parody when I watch it with my good friends where ever I may go in the ever after.

The author's comments:
Every week my English class gets Vocabulary words, and every Wednesday we have a story/ poem/ any writing of any kind with that includes these words. So I got a full grade out of it, and my Teacher told me that I should submit it. So, here I am, and here it is. I hope you gus like it.


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