Close Door

February 24, 2010
By Anonymous

the door slams


right before my face

confused with what was about to happen

you don't do this

you don’t do that

was all we heard

in shrieking yells

what was happening

what was wrong!

its all my fault

I knew it

they hardly ever talk

they yell

thru phones

thru emails

they yell

inside of me yell at me

how do I know the truth

from lies?

when you shut that door

just before my eyes you shut me out

outside your life

outside your world

that will forever be

inside my heart

in place of you

The author's comments:
My teacher had us write a poem about a dramatic personal experinece..and this is it!!! its about my my parents fighting in front of me and my sister at such a young age and how hughyl they have impacted us..both positive and negative((:

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