Snowy Wonderland

February 24, 2010
By Briana M. BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
Briana M. BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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yet warm

with each passing minute
the frigid temperature makes its way through my many layers

like a shockwave


but surely
it makes its way to the bone
this is not all that I feel


the feeling of warmth comes over me

this warmth is not Physical

hot chocolate after a long day of play

the blaze of the fire place
surrounded by family

this is real warmth

this is irreplaceable warmth
this is the warmth of memories

so on this day
when the wind sends the snow flakes swirling into a seemingly never ending dance

I am


yet warm

The author's comments:
The snow was my inspiration! In my Language Arts class we do something called snow poetry. When the weather is just right, we go outside and silently let the snow inspire our poetry!!!!

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