Telln The Truth

February 24, 2010
the old me gone so prepare for change cause it seem like people dont care the same.
but everibodi had a thing i guess i didnt.
i probably didnt see it with my own vision.
i feel like i was on the bottom of the seashore i feel like i was at the bottom of the seasaw.
but life is gon be hard,but when you open up yo eyes i hope you see more.
now dat i changed people tellen me i fell off bad.
people just dont know the past i had.
but some people change just for the best.
and some people change to be better than the rest.
but thats just me bein real and me bein fake means im lieing to you.
and thats just something i just wont do.
bein real dont mean i changed.
bein real mean i stayed the same.
just cause everbodi and everthing change dont mean i will
its a permanent scar and it just wont heal.

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