forever lies

February 24, 2010
By reillysmiley22 GOLD, Hoosick Falls, New York
reillysmiley22 GOLD, Hoosick Falls, New York
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I’m not going to lie, you made me cry
and if you must know, I can tell why

You woke me up in the morning, with i love you
Now cereal and milk, is what I do

You fell asleep, with me at night
We always agreed
We would never fight.

So much in common
I thought you cared
Now I’m alone
Alone and scared

I’m not sure, if I’ll b the same
I didn’t know love, until the day you came

You said forever
And ever and ever
No matter what, we'd be together

Through good and bad
But now I’m sad
You said I’d be the mom, you'd be the dad

You wanted a family,
You wanted to live somewhere cold.
When you said I love you, I was sold

We talked about everything
Everything was great
Because of that, I have no hate

For those few moments
I had never been happier
Then when you said you wanted me in your arms forever

I trusted you with all I had
When it ended i was mad

I cried and cried
I got no sleep
But when you asked, I didn’t say a peep

I didn’t want you to know the pain I was in
As if it was, some kind of sin

In the middle of the night when I shed my tears
I cant forget, about all my fears
That was your job, now its mine
What if things, don’t turn out fine

It still hurts to know its done
Because with you life was fun

You made all the sad days better
You made me warm, no need for a sweater

Your telling her all the same things,
And she's falling for it too
I hate those words you've tricked us with
Those words, I love you

Its all a part of your little trap,
And we'll fall in, in a snap

When you get over her, like you did with me
She will feel the pain in me

She thinks you will be together forever,
And haa, you know its not true
The same thing happened with me, and you

And you still love to tell me you care
And even though its over, you'll still be there

I cannot wait until you make up your mind,
And I cannot wait for the truths you'll find

Forever and forever, well that was a lie
And I know that, that’s why I cry

But I know this pain will go away,
I'll get over it, then what will you say?

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on Mar. 24 2010 at 9:55 am
cjsweetie BRONZE, Clewiston, Florida
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This is amazing I love it so much. Keep writing.

Please read my poems.


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