Cry Cry Cry

February 24, 2010
By Anonymous

Cry cry cry,
Let the tears roll down your dirty face,
Let your sobs mask all the other sounds,
Let the people watch,
Let them surround you, staring and judging.
You release your pain through your eyes
In the form of clear and salty drops
That everyone watchs descend.
But tonight at home,
Tempted to weep,
You will remember the sting o your mother's ...hand on your cheek.
So sit here
And cry cry cry,
Be the entertainment to those around you,
Empathetic and scornful,
Turning to one another,
Indifferent questions and sarcastic comments made
Under their collective breath.
But they give you no words
Nor a kind touch,
Leaving only emptiness to whisper in your ear
And loneliness to wrap you in his arms,
So cry cry cry.
I will watch you
And I will judge
And I will whisper
And I will feel the urge to help
But that would be impossible,
I'm sure you understand.

The author's comments:
Its a situation I've been in from my friend's point of veiw

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