The Calvary Of Love

February 24, 2010
By Samurai SILVER, Denver, Colorado
Samurai SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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The calvary of love-
Understanding that anyone and everyone can care and feel appreciation but only few can truly love.
Understanding love is a cross we must carry every second, minute, hour,day, month and year of our lives.
Understanding love isn't just for those who deserve it but also for those who don't.
Understanding that love isn't a feeling...It's a determination.

The calvary of love-
Learning to be a slave of humiliation-
Learning to smile and turn the other cheek when getting slapped or spit on.
Learning to thrust not with eyes and ears but with the heart and soul.
Learning to go beyond limits-
to run two miles when asked to run one.
Learning to die-
to serve and please above your own wants and desires.
Learning that love isn't a feeling... It's a determination.

The calvary of love-
Understanding and learning that love isn't words... It's action.
Learning and understanding that love has no beginning and no end.

The author's comments:
Love is a challenge that will push you to your limits and beyond... Will you take it or leave it?

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