The Road of Life

February 24, 2010
By Anonymous

Life is a road that never ends
Life is a maze full of twists and bends
Sometimes life is full of surprises
It leaves you wondering what happens next?

Life is dreams and wishes together
Life is work to get something better
You begin to think you've got it all figured out
And then life throws in a twist

Some will wander straight through
Others stray and enjoy the view
Some ponder over every thought
Others act on instinct

Life is long, but too short to be wasted
Life is a collage of pictures waiting to be pasted
On paper made for someone special
Someone special just like you

The author's comments:
Feeling upbeat about life, I wrote this poem to describe how life can be a variety of things for different people. The theme I tried to get across was that life is what you make it and only you can decide what life is in your perspective.

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