The Scars You Left

February 24, 2010
By , Morrisville, NC
the happiness I feel when your here
never fully goes away
it's like you're my drug
my high
my addiction
I'm addicted to you
you are the heroine that I pump into my vain
you are the bottle I down when I feel this pain
you are the pill that I take when all I see are tears
you are the high that I feel whenever you're near
and somehow it never stops
I never get sick of you
no matter what
you are my shining light
guiding path
eartly shadow
and the scars I have are because of your love
the knife I use because you're not there
the smile before is becoming so rare
the blood that now drips from the cuts on my wrist
the tears that I cry from the first time we kissed
and when I see you with her
I know never we could love again
but like I said
I'm addicted to you
there is nothing that I can ever do
the tears on my cheek
my eyes on my feet
the blood on my wrist
the love that I missed
the smiles that hide
your eyes are my guide
and I know you've moved on
by the way that you're gone
as I sit here in the dark
know you've left your mark
my heart is torn down
the fires surround
I must say goodbye
as I go towards the light
and I know this is the end
I still love you my friend

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