What's Wrong With Me?

February 24, 2010
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What's wrong with me,
And why do I feel this way?
I know you love me,
But I see you every day.

I can't keep pushing you away,
Yet I can't keep reeling you in,
I feel so confused,
So angry,
At this thing I thought could never have been.

I sit here now,
Click-click-clicking on my keyboard,
And all I wonder,
Is how?

When did you start taking an interest in me?
When did I start feeling apathy?
When did you start tryin' to get close?
When did I start feeling gross?

What's wrong with me,
Because something isn't right,
Because you were the one,
Always in my dreams at night.

I can't believe my dream with you,
Isn't what I want with me anymore.
I can't believe after all of the bulls*** you put me through,
All my dreams have come true.

*Small laugh*
I guess this was all never meant to be.
Those songs I wrote,
That time I almost tore out your throat?
Yeah, I guess you could say,
Something's wrong with me.

What's wrong with me,
Because something is, I can feel it,
'Cause before I fall asleep,
No one comes to my head.
'Cause before I crawl into my bed,
All I want is someone to come to mind.

But it will never happen,
Because all of those memories,
I left behind.

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