To Nichole

March 3, 2010
By Anonymous

It’s a weird feeling being with you.
I ooze charisma out of every single pore in my body,
But you make me feel like my allure has been siphoned out of me.

I could write you a poem,
That in my head could make perfect sense,
But to you,
It’s just meaningless words strung together.

My mind acts like a emotionless robot,
Trying not to express emotions that would make me seem:
stupid, mean, insensitive, cocky or maybe even ignorant.

Imagine being trapped inside your head
With your mind functioning perfectly
And when you attempt to say something to me
Your thoughts get caught inside your head.
And you have to scuttle away,
Like a bug about to squashed.
Trying to hide your embarrassment.

I understand.
Every time I try to speak up my tongue gets twisted,
And My stomach fills with cement.
My head feels hazy.

But it doesn’t really matter.
Because when the courage finally comes-
You say,

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