A shine in the night

March 2, 2010
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The moon, a knight in shining armor that brightens our night
Bright and lucid in the solemn darkness that gives us light
Like a witness in the sky it watches our every move
I love this mirror like rock that I approve
Dancing in a orbit around our lovely earth
When the sun collapses under it midnight gives its birth
Alone in the darkness but can still do a lot
Even the stars amaze us even though their just a dot
The stallion in the sky, a savior or a swan
But in a million years it'll all be gone
But love is like a rope that does not let it go
Because we treasure that knight with his arrow and bow
The arrow as in the moon and the bow as in the sun
That delightful father and its lovely son
With each crater with meaning and that bright light that shines
The craters like a poem, what would it be without its beautiful lines
But does this knight have a lovely part
In the deepest emotions of my innocent heart
No one will ever give it a stamp that says "void"
Because if you look at it, it reveals its true beautiful asteroid
Those puppy dog eyes that make you think again
It will never lose, it will always win.

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