Millions of Shards

March 2, 2010
By Raamses Noriega SILVER, Aurora, Oregon
Raamses Noriega SILVER, Aurora, Oregon
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If your dream should fall and break into millions of shards
Don’t be afraid to pick up one and start again, it ain't that hard
If someone should say that can't do that
It's just cause their jealous because they can't accomplish that
Living to your fullest is a good way to go
But some say you're different, but who cares, so!
Being much different as in living your dream
Sometimes it's better, better than it seems
Because some just use you to just get their way
Sometimes you don’t notice as it happens each day
People say it's hard so they let go of the rope
But just tie a knot, and wish for some hope
But don’t try so hard cause you'll wear yourself out
Sometimes things come when you least expect it, just like a spout
And even if teachers, or students say stop
Don’t take a break because then you'll just drop
Don't let them control you or act like a cop
Because, before you know it it'll all be over, with just two more hops
I've warned you now about the evil that lurks
I hate to say this but some people are jerks
Although there is still some that want you to win
Keep looking forward where there are obstacles again
So if your dream should fall and shatter into thousands of fragments
Think of it as a test to perfection not as a torment.

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