Your Reliance Will Take the Best of You

February 26, 2010
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it saddens me,
as i see you fall
falling down in,
drunken tears
the pain for you,
is real
you feel it now
you feel it always
it is a dull throb
upon your heart
it saddens me,
when i see you hurt
you are angry,
and you have a right
don't take it out,
on yourself
with alcohol,
and with drinking
to make it all become numb
when you wake up,
it will have to be faced
son't run away from it all
one day,you will have to face it
this temporary escape,
isn't real it's an illusion
for me,at least,Babe
please don't do tis to yourself
it saddens me,
to see your pain
don't let it take you over
don't let ittake you down
love hurts,
and life is a -----
but we all have to deal
your broken-ness will heal with time
you on;y have to let it
i want to help you
i want to ease your suffereing
i want to save you from yourself
and i want to kiss it all better
but i can't,
it is all up to you
he will only take the best of you,
if you let him

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