I Just Want To Live

February 26, 2010
Stay away, don’t come too close, I am a monster, I’ll suck you dry. My love is fake, my lust is true, but when you love me like I pretend to love you I’ll tell you we’re through. Lust is on a desire, a meaningless crave, love is a passion, it’s an honest affection. I have not felt love since forever ago, when I lost the one I love and sold him my soul. So now with ravenous need, I’ll make you fall, fall to your knees. To worship my path, hang on my every word, but the meaning behind every lie I breathe won’t be heard by you. Luscious hair, bright eyes, you won’t know a thing as I deceive. I’ll sing you a lullaby I’ve formed from your most wonderful dreams, & after you’re lulled, no one can hear you scream. You’ll be my own weapon, you’ll do what I ask, for you can’t see under this ruthless mask. The process will be enjoyable, the end will be pitiful. Don’t take it personally, its’ nothing you’ve done, but I’m already dead and I just want to live. You don’t know how it feels when self-hatred boils within, you can’t imagine all the unfathomable sins. So don’t pity yourself, you’ll start healing, for I was only trying to acquire any feeling.

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