Rubik's Cube

February 26, 2010
By philine SILVER, Riverside, California
philine SILVER, Riverside, California
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When I first met you,
All I saw was a see of colours;
Parts of your personality
All confuse and misleading.
Some out to see
Some hidden or falsely arranged,
Like an unsolved Rubik’s Cube.
As I started turning and twisting its segments,
I learned your language,
Revealed your face.
I found a plain white side;
Your silent courage,
Your vulnerable soul.
I found a deep blue side;
Your universal understanding,
Your passion for perfection.
I found a light yellow side;
Your unselfish thoughts,
The deepness of your dreams.
I found a fresh green side;
Your relieving humour,
Your resort of happiness.
I found a bright orange side;
Your individuality,
Your unique views.
And finally,
I found your red side;
Your kindred spirit,
Your loving heart.
I solved the puzzle.
I answered the riddle.
I fell in love.

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