Losing Myself

February 26, 2010
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You is gone.
Disappeared, evaporated,
Run off from Me and I.
They run,
But can’t get anywhere without You.
They lay alone in hiding,
Crying only for You.
In the darkness I runs off,
Leaving Me alone in pain
In the dark.
Me sits in the corner
Nothing without You or I.
Me tries to escape;
To lift the bar separating from You and I,
But Me can’t.
Trapped inside,
Me bangs on the door in the darkness
Screaming to the room, “let go!”
The bar loosens
But slides shut before Me can slide under.
“Give up. Let go,” Me sobs.
Slowly, the bar raises enough for Me to slip through.
Quickly, quietly, as not to raise alarm,
Me bounds away, to You and I.
Now, no Me, I, or You is left.
The room is quiet.
It strains for a sound.
Any sound.
A whisper?
A cough?
The room recoils, shrinking from a cavernous hall to
A blank little cell.
Smaller, darker.
Unable to take it,
The room twists in
Agony, for without
You, Me, or I
It is nothing.
An empty soul.
A wasted mind.
In the absence of its inhabitants,
The room
To sleep.

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