That Moment

February 26, 2010
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Here we are
Is this it?
That moment
When we finally tell the truth
When we
Explode our emotions
Onto the table
And say,
Here I am.
I can't change it,
Or dress it up.
This is just it."
Is this that
The moment
The old people,
Dreaming in their wheel chairs
Shrouded in blankets,
Tell stories about
To the great grand children
Stories that make their eyes
See something,
Who isn't there?
Because if it is
I'll do it
I'll bare my soul
My secrets,
My truths
Right here on the table
And you,
You'll do it too.
And all the puzzle pieces
Will slide together
And the picture
Of the rest of our lives
Will fit.
Is this
Moment where
We know?
Everyone says you just
When it happens.
So do we know
Oh, I don't know
I'm worried
I'm frightened
My heart is doing some kind of spanish dance
Behind my ribs
And I think I'm either
Going to throw up
Or tell you I love you

I love you

This is that moment.

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