I Wake to the Songbird

February 26, 2010
The songbird sitting on my window sill
sings the grip of the dreary night away.
Soft rays caress my cheek; i drink my fill
of the river that has burst from the day.
The morning smells of opportunity.
The world is new, the day is young.
"It is so good to be alive and free
ignorant of the evil i'm among".
The sun crawls into the peak of the sky.
I age with the day; years pass in hours
but at noon there's still time to find out why
when i walk life's road i snub the flowers.
Too late! Too late screams the setting sun;
Night has come again in a hasty creep.
Carpi diem is dead, that race has run
so i hope ill dream of life after sleep.

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